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Our Aluminium is a neat and strong way to keep things safe, whether you require it around the pool, as front fencing or even in the garden. It is completely rust-free and comes in many different colours and styles for you to choose from.

Aluminium pool fencing – Secure your pool

Here in Australia, you are legally required to have a secure pool enclosure. Pools are a serious safety concern for children, and it is simply not worth the risk – even when children are under constant supervision, accidents can still happen.

At SNfencing, our range of aluminium pool fencing is the perfect way to address legal requirements without compromising the aesthetics of your back yard. Durable and incredibly cost effective, this product is available in a wide range of colours to suit the surrounding landscape. When safety and style are your main priorities, aluminium panelling is an excellent option.

Fence your front yard

Perfect for residential and commercial purposes alike, our aluminium fencing is also suitable for use as a front fence. Neat and stylish in design, it lends itself particularly well to modern buildings and comes in a wide range of colours to suit.

Whether you need to keep children away from the road, or want to prevent dogs and the like from wandering into your yard, our aluminium panelling is a very strong, secure option. We have a number of gate designs to suit, including ones that incorporate child-proof locks.

Our front fences and pool enclosures are available in easy-to-install kits, or we can organise complete installation for you if required – the choice is yours. Made from high quality materials, you can expect many years of use out of these fencing products.

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