Consider Your Pool Fencing Installation When Building Your Pool
Author:SN Fencing, Date: August 15, 2017

Planning the design of a backyard swimming pool and watching as it gets built is an exciting time. As we know, summer in Australia can be very hot, so having a convenient and fun way to cool down right in our own yard is as good as it gets.

A lot of planning and preparation goes into the construction of an in ground swimming pool, but during the design phase people often neglect to give enough thought to the landscaping and/or decking that will be surrounding the pool, what type of pool fence will be installed, and what preparation there needs to be during the pool construction phase to facilitate that pool fencing.

For the traditional aluminium style of pool fencing, you have a few more options for the base, but if you decide you want to install glass pool fencing, then the foundation for that fencing needs serious consideration.

Whether you go for semi frameless glass pool fencing or frameless glass, the very best base – the most solid foundation and easiest to work with – is level concrete.

So, when coming to a decision on the layout of the actual pool itself, the landscaping around it, also make a point of deciding exactly where you want your pool fencing to be in the overall scheme and be sure to lay a level concrete foundation in those areas for easier and effective installation of your glass pool fencing when the time comes. You might decide to run the fence right along the edge of the pool. Or perhaps you want more space around your swimming pool within the pool enclosure. Either way, be prepared for the fencing installation so everything runs quickly and smoothly on pool fence installation day.

After all, until you have that pool fencing built, your swimming pool will not be ready to pass compliance examinations. Your pool fencing is the final touch that completes the picture. With glass fencing you not only have one of the safest pool fences there is, you also have the most beautiful looking pool fencing.

In Melbourne and surrounding areas, SN Fencing are your #1 choice for glass pool fencing supply and installation. Give us a call before you build your swimming pool to discuss the best options for you.