If Your Pool Fence Is Damaged, It Must Be Repaired or Replaced
Author:SN Fencing, Date: October 5, 2017

A swimming pool fence is there for the primary reason of safety. If it is damaged in any way and no longer meets government safety regulations, then it must be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. This includes the gates as well as the pool fencing itself. If the gate has loose, worn or rusty hinges and latches or is in any way unsafe, it needs to be sorted ASAP. If not, your safety barrier will be deemed to not be compliant with the law.

Whether your pool fence is old and dated, or a more modern fence that has suffered damaged – such as a broken panel in glass pool fencing – then expedient repairs or replacement are mandatory.

The top priority of your pool fencing is safety. As soon as that safety barrier has been compromised in any way, action needs to be taken.

If your pool fencing is old, it’s probably time for an upgrade anyway, in which case replacing the entire fence makes the most sense. In fact, with stylish glass pool fencing you can transform your old swimming pool from drab to fab in no time. Glass fencing not only affords unobstructed views, it also adds a real touch of elegance to the pool area and adds value to your home.

There are two main types of glass pool fencing:

  1. Semi Frameless Glass – A little cheaper than frameless, but still looks totally awesome.
  2. Frameless Glass – The ultimate in style and luxury for your swimming pool.

SN Fencing is your pool fencing specialist in the greater Melbourne district. For more than a decade we have successfully been supplying and installing frameless and semi frameless glass pool fencing for many satisfied customers.

If your pool fencing is damaged, or just simply needs an upgrade, get in touch with the local pool fencing experts.

Glass pool fencing offers amazing results. You want your pool area to be both safe and stylish, and glass fencing achieves both. Glass is modern, offers a clear view from outside and inside the pool, and really completes the look of your swimming pool.

Add a touch of class and choose glass pool fencing from SN Fencing, servicing Melbourne and surrounding areas.