DIY Pool Fence Installation Or Hire the Professionals

If you have just had a brand new swimming pool installed, it’s obviously going to need to be fenced according to pool compliance safety standards. Glass fencing is one of the most stunning options. It’s elegant and it’s timeless, adding a real touch of class to the pool area.

Should you consider trying to install the glass fencing yourself and save a few dollars? Or is it best to call in professional pool fencing installers.

Let’s look at some advantages and disadvantages.

Save Money With the DIY Method

If you have the skills and the know how, you can save on labour costs by installing the pool fencing yourself. You just need to purchase the materials required and away you go. It’s important that you really know what you are doing when installing glass fencing, as the job needs to be spot on and also meet safety regulations.

If you are not 100% confident you can do it properly, then it’s worth the investment having your fencing professionally installed by the experts. Professional installation could end up actually saving you money by getting the job done right the first time, without costly mistakes.

Doing it yourself could mean breaking one or more glass panels and having to pay for replacements. Or, you get the fence built, but find that over time something isn’t quite right and parts of the fencing needs to be repaired or replaced.

Save Yourself the Time and Stress

Even though you might consider yourself pretty handy with tools and building things, if you don’t construct glass balustrades on a regular basis, you’re not going to be as proficient as pool fencing installers who do it all the time.

At SN Fencing our expert installers have many years of experience, installing pool fencing in all sorts of terrain. Our team can quickly overcome any obstacles that might arise, saving you the time and the stress of trying to figure it out yourself. There is a definite art to working with glass fencing and we have mastered that art.

If your budget allows, get your pool fencing professionally installed and save yourself the headache of doing it yourself.

SN Fencing Have Got Melbourne Covered

We’ve been installing quality glass pool fencing in and around Melbourne for more than a decade. We love pools and glass fencing really enhances the attractiveness of your pool, rather than making your pool area look like a cage.

Our focus is on exceptional service, safety and aesthetics, so call today to discuss your pool project and your options – 0419 501 557.