Pool Fencing Compliance

At SN Fencing Melbourne, we care about pool safety. We all love our pools, but we also know that these wonderful parts of Australian outdoor life come with risks.

Pool compliance is all about ensuring that these risks are minimised, helping us to keep local children safe and sound. With compliant pool fencing in place, we can feel confident that we’re doing our bit to reduce drowning risk in our community.

Indeed, pool fencing is a legal requirement in Australia. So, when you install a pool in Australia, it’s important to arrange for a compliant pool fence as well. This is part of the pool compliance requirements, though there are other steps to complete, too.

When you contact SN Fencing to complete your pool fencing project, we will provide certified Australian products and work towards pool compliance with you. Your pool fencing will be designed with safety in mind, diligently measured and expertly installed.

With ten years of experience and a focus on pool safety, you can trust SN Fencing to provide pool fencing that will ensure that risks are reduced for years to come.

To support our pool fencing services, we provide a one-year warranty on all hardware and a one-year warranty on all installation issues. So, you can be confident that your pool fencing will endure.

In fact, we’re well known for our responsive service. So, if you experience any issues with your pool fencing, you can be confident that we’ll reply quickly and professionally.

Of course, appearance is another important factor. Compliant pool fencing can still look appealing, and we have selected a range of pool fencing options that can highlight the beauty of your existing outdoor area.

At SN Fencing, we provide semi-frameless and frameless glass pool fencing and glass balustrade for an affordable price.

With glass fencing in place, you can enjoy great views of your pool area, while knowing that your pool area is fenced off soundly.

SN Fencing is a Victorian pool fencing company. We provide compliant pool fencing Melbourne wide, and can also service the Albury and Wodonga regions. We do travel to complete projects. So, if you’d like to know if we can service your area, contact us for a chat.

To learn more about organising your pool fencing through SN Fencing, simply contact us online or over the phone. We’ll happily talk you through our pool fencing options and pool compliance issues. And, we’ll provide you a quote the very next day, so you can start enjoying your new pool fence before you know it.