Semi Frameless Glass Fencing - That Smart Glass Look, But Cheaper Than Frameless

That Smart Glass Look, But Cheaper Than Frameless

Glass fencing for swimming pools and balustrades really does look amazing. Glass is elegant and timeless, and very easy to look after and maintain. It’s also extremely tough and very safe.

Of course, its greatest advantage is the view it offers. Whether it be a swimming pool, a balcony, or enclosing the back deck, views are crystal clear when you have glass fencing installed.

The first impression people often have when they see stunning glass fencing surrounding a pool is: “Wow. That looks expensive”.

But really it’s quite affordable; especially if you opt for semi frameless glass fencing instead of the more expensive frameless glass.

In reality, semi frameless glass can look just as stunning as frameless glass, but will put more dollars back into your pocket. Semi frameless fencing still offers amazing, unobstructed views, with just slim, heavy duty aluminium posts separating the toughened glass panels. These posts are barely noticeable, look attractive, and they certainly don’t hamper the view in any way.

Sure, frameless glass is the ultimate for unobstructed views, but for those on more of a budget, semi frameless glass fencing is definitely the best alternative.

You only have to look around our SN Fencing website or search Google for images of semi frameless glass pool fencing and balustrades to get an idea of just how awesome it looks in a variety of different settings.

Semi frameless fencing has no rail across the top, so there is even less in the way of opaque objects to block your view. It really is a fantastic alternative to frameless glass fencing and you certainly won’t be the slightest bit disappointed with the results. Semi frameless glass blends in seamlessly with all types of landscaping and settings and really is a very unobtrusive style of elegant and timeless fencing.

SN Fencing have been servicing Melbourne and surrounding areas for more than 10 years. We supply and install the highest quality semi frameless glass fencing for pools and balconies and we have countless satisfied and happy customers.

Don’t think you can’t afford beautiful glass fencing. Choose semi frameless glass and SN Fencing will help bring your visions to life.