Balustrades Don't Have To Be Boring

Balustrade simply means a railing supported by balusters. We see them at the top of landings, along the sides of staircases and enclosing balconies. A balustrade is there as both a support (in the case of stairs) and primarily as a safety barrier to keep people from falling off a high space. Fences, such as pool fencing, can also be termed a balustrade.

Now just because a safety barrier’s main aim is to provide safety, that doesn’t mean a balustrade has to be boring and can’t look good.

Advantages of a Glass Balustrade

Whether it’s for a balcony or a pool fence, a glass balustrade has a number of distinct advantages over its contemporaries.

  • For starters, glass balustrades simply look amazing! Glass really adds that touch of class and elegance and it never goes out of fashion. For hundreds of years glass has been used for both practical purposes and as a decorative feature. Glass really is beautiful, with clean lines and a purity like no other material. Glass really is in a class of its own.
  • Glass balustrading doesn’t obstruct your views, and this is one of its greatest selling points. If you are sitting out on your balcony drinking a coffee, or on the back deck gazing at the pool, the last thing you want is for an ugly fence to be blocking your view. When you install glass you don’t have this problem. Everything is clear as crystal.
  • Another great characteristic of a glass balustrade is the ease of maintenance. Glass is very easy to care for and it’s not affected by the elements. It doesn’t fade in sunlight, it doesn’t flake and peel, and it certainly doesn’t rust. All it needs is an occasional clean and it looks as good as new.
  • Glass is safe. It sounds like a contradiction, but when it comes to the toughened glass used in balustrades, glass is one of the most durable and safest choices you can make. Because of its ultra smooth surface and no hand holds or footholds, it’s impossible for small children to climb glass fencing.

Consider Glass For Your Balustrade

Next time you are needing to construct a balustrade or pool fencing, seriously consider using glass. It really is the ultimate material, is extremely safe and looks amazing.

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