5 Landscaping ideas to enhance your pool area
Author:SN Fencing, Date: October 17, 2016

SN Fencing have been installing frameless glass and semi frameless glass pool fencing in Melbourne homes, helping homeowners to keep their pool areas safe and legally compliant.

Often having a pool is like having an oasis in your own back yard. Apart from the pool itself, there are a number of ways you can bring your pool area to life so it looks and feels like a tropical resort.

Here, SN Fencing pass on 5 landscaping ideas to enhance your pool area.


SN Fencing offer a range of pool fencing options such as frameless glass and semi frameless glass pool fencing.  Glass fencing can evoke a more luxurious, resort like feel as the glass panels don’t obstruct views into or out of the pool area.

Glass pool fencing can blend into the surroundings and provides a perfect pool fencing solution for those discerning homeowners.


Depending on the feel you are trying to evoke with your pool area, for example a relaxing Balinese oasis, will determine the types of plants you will plant in your pool area.

Whatever plants you choose, select pool friendly plants, shrubs or trees that won’t invade underground pool plumbing or clog pool filters with leaf litter.


New pools that are installed often have lights inside the pool that provide colour and ambience at night. Installing lighting externally to the pool can highlight pathways, the pool itself or spotlight statement plants or trees within the landscaping to add visual interest.


Pools need an area to relax on out of the water. SN Fencing suggest some weatherproof, comfortable outdoor furniture where people can sit and relax after swimming or supervise children in the pool from.


All gardens benefit from a place of shade especially a pool area. A cantilever umbrella or shade sail offer protection for swimmers from the summer sun.


SN Fencing have seen first-hand some pool areas transform into relaxing, cool back yard oasis with these 5 simple tips. If you need help with new or replacement pool fencing, SN Fencing are the Melbourne experts to speak with.

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