Best plants to plant near your pool
Author:SN Fencing, Date: December 15, 2016

Having a pool can be a godsend in our Australian summers. Just being able to jump in the pool and quickly cool off is heavenly.

If you are the one that has the luxury of a pool in your backyard, you would also be aware that pools and pool areas need to be maintained.

What is often an afterthought are the plants that are planted around the pool.  Turning your pool area into a tropical oasis is achievable but you need to be sure you are planting pool friendly plants and trees.

Some trees have invasive roots, continually looking for moisture, so planting a tree like this in or close to your pool area is a recipe for disaster.

Also to consider is that pool water which has chemicals in it will be constantly be splashed onto  plants.

Plants and trees also produce leaves and seeds which can clog pool filters and stain the bottom of the pool if left to decay there.

So much to consider when thinking about plants!

Here, SN Fencing, the glass pool fencing experts in Melbourne, provide some tips on the best plants to plant near your pool.


Succulents need very little watering and are a plant requiring next to no maintenance. These plants love the full sun so are perfect for planting in or around the pool area.


Palms are synonymous with tropical beaches and poolside paradises. Palms that would survive well in Melbourne pool areas include Chinese Windmill, Foxtail, Sugar Cane, Cycads or Rhapis.

These palms tolerate the full sun well and reflection off the water well and will grow to various heights.


Cactus plants can be a great, hardy addition and focal point to a pool area.  Best planted into pots that are kept well away from the side of the pool and to choose a species that has fewer thorns so as not to injure swimmers.

Large leafed plants

There are a number of pool hardy plants to choose from but we suggest plants that have large, broad leaves.  These leaves are much easier to clean up out of a pool than those producing a lot of tiny leaf litter.


Hardy native grasses can add a decorative feature to a pool side garden that are safe for pool users as they don’t have thorns.


Plants that have silvery, furry or waxy leaves will fare much better than other plants around a sunny, splashy poolside. The various hues of Cordyline and the sweet-smelling Star Jasmine are popular for poolside gardens.

Whether you plant a garden inside your pool area or outside of it, as with most plants, they will need attention and remember, plants in pots will need to be watered more often.

Be careful not to choose plants that have a climbing action or place pots too close to the pool fence that could create a foot hold for children to climb over.

SN Fencing specialise in frameless glass and semi frameless glass pool fencing and we always recommend glass fencing as its smooth surface and large panes dissuade plants from growing up or on them.

For any glass pool fencing requirements you may have, call SN Fencing on 0419 501 557.  We service Melbourne out to Albury-Wodonga and Geelong.