A guide to getting your pool ready for summer
Author:SN Fencing, Date: December 5, 2016

You can tell summer is on its way when all you start to hear is the kids nagging, “when can we go in the pool?”.

Letting the kids jump straight into the pool after the chill of winter has worn off is not exactly a great idea.  You really need to ensure your pool is safe to swim in before they get in to avoid any illnesses or accidents.

Here, SN Fencing, Melbourne provide a guide on how to get your pool ready this summer:

Clean the pool

Now is the time to remove the pool cover, clean out all the pools filters, skimmer baskets and run the pool cleaner so any debris and leaves etc are vacuumed off the bottom of the pool.

Test the water

The water in your pool is a fine balance of water and pool chemicals which make it safe to swim in.  Having a pool out of balance can lead to higher levels of bacteria in the water which can cause illness.

You can test the water yourself or take a sample to a local pool shop who will test it for you and recommend the correct chemicals to restore the PH balance and alkalinity of the pool water.

Check the pool fencing

This is a must to ensure the integrity of the pool fencing. Ensure all hinges, panels and gates are still in good condition and operating properly. No one wants to suffer a tragedy of a drowning due to failing or non-compliant pool fencing.

Clean up the pool area

Take the time to clean up the area surrounding the pool, ensuring there are no items that could allow a child to get a foothold over the pool fence from the inside or the outside.

Pool furniture should be kept at safe distances away from the pool fence and any buckets or pool cleaning implements should be stored safely away.

One you have done the checks outlined above by SN Fencing and you’ve allowed sufficient time for any chemicals to clear, you can let the kids into the pool for summer swimming fun!

If you are concerned about your pool fencing being compliant or are installing a new pool and require high quality frameless glass, semi frameless glass pool fencing or glass balustrades, call the industry professionals at SN Fencing today on 0419 501 557.