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All SN Fencing Comes With Australian Safety Standards Certificates

All SN Fencing Comes With Australian Safety Standards Certificates

With so many drowning deaths of young children each year in Australian backyard swimming pools, compliance with safety regulations is at an all time high. The most vital component of swimming pool safety is the safety barrier that surrounds the pool – the swimming pool fencing.

It doesn’t matter what material your pool fencing is made of, all pool fences need to be compliant with Australian Safety Standards. If your fencing doesn’t pass stringent examinations, it will be deemed unsafe, need to be removed and reinstalled with fencing that does comply.

If you decide to go the DIY route with installing pool fencing, then you must first ensure the materials you purchase are compliant with safety regulations, and that the pool fencing is constructed to the requirements of pool safety regulations. If it isn’t, then you will just be wasting your time and money.

A Better Option

The very best option to guarantee everything about your fencing is above board and legal is to hire the services of a reputable pool fencing supplier and installer.

In the Melbourne area your number one choice is SN Fencing. We know the safety regulations and every single one of our pool fences comes with Australian Safety Standards Certificates. For over a decade we have successfully been installing beautiful semi frameless and frameless glass pool fencing in and around Melbourne and all of our fences are compliant with the law.

Both our materials and our installation processes meet with safety regulations, so when you choose us to supply and install your pool fencing, you can have peace of mind that everything is in order and your swimming pool is safe.

Some points that come into consideration regarding the compliance of pool fencing include:

  • Pool fencing materials
  • Pool fencing height
  • The height of adjacent boundary fences
  • Windows that open into the pool area
  • Climbable trees and objects located near the pool fence
  • The condition and upkeep of the pool fencing

At SN Fencing we understand all the requirements intimately, guaranteeing that when you buy a fence from us, you can be assured it will be installed in accordance with the law.

Don’t leave things to chance and don’t take the risk. Call in qualified experts for the supply and installation of your glass pool fencing.