Glass Adds An Element of Class

Whether it’s pool fencing or a balcony balustrade, glass really does add that touch of timeless elegance and glass to your home. Glass is clean, easy to maintain, doesn’t date and will stay looking great for many years.

Unobstructed Views

Of course, the very best thing about glass balustrades and fencing is the views. Glass doesn’t impede your outlook in any way, but at the same time provides an effective safety barrier for your pool area, deck or balcony.

In Australia life is all about the great outdoors, so you don’t want to hide the view by erecting pool fencing or balustrades that actually obstruct your field of vision.

With glass fencing and balustrades, the views are crystal clear.

Low Maintenance

The glass panels of pool fencing and balcony balustrades is very low maintenance. In fact, it requires very little maintenance at all. Glass doesn’t fade or rust and is very much impervious to the elements. All it really needs is semi regular cleaning to stay looking amazing.

Glass Balustrades Are Tough and Hardy

Don’t be fooled into thinking that a fence made of glass is fragile. That may be the case with other forms of glass, but not glass balustrades or pool fencing. The glass used on these panels is a special kind of thick and toughened glass designed to withstand the hardest knocks, as well as just about everything nature can throw at them.

In the rare even that a glass panel does get broken, it will break into harmless cubes that won’t cut or injure children, pets or adults.

A Wind Barrier

What other material can protect you from the wind while relaxing on your balcony, but still enable unobstructed views? Only glass balustrades can really accomplish this. Enjoy your outdoor time and remain protected from the wind with stylish glass balustrades.

Glass Is Class

Glass has always been synonymous with both class and elegance. There is just something really simple and stylish when it comes to glass; an inherent quality that has made glass a popular decorative choice for centuries.

Glass once again proves its charm and versatility when it comes to glass pool fencing and balcony balustrades. Whether your eyes focus on the glass itself, or simply see right through it, glass has always added a real touch of class.

Glass Balustrades and Pool Fencing Melbourne

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