Glass pool fencing- With or Without Frames?

Weighing over all the pros and cons of different fencing styles, when you have finally decided on glass pool fencing and letting the sigh of relief, another issue arises. Should I go with frameless glass fencing or semi frameless? While both look great and are able to prevent unauthorised access to your pool area, there are factors that can make it difficult to determine which one will suit to your needs best. In this article, we have outlined the main differences between these two styles to help you decide.

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Frameless Glass Pool Fence, like the name suggests, is frameless. If you want a clear line of sight for your gorgeous view, Frameless glass pool fencing is the obvious choice. It has no posts, no frames, just clean streamlined glass that won’t obstruct any part of your view.

Because they are suspended, lack any posts between them, and offer a clear view, a frameless glass balustrade can be a more aesthetically pleasing option than semi-frameless designs. For this reason, frameless glass balustrades are more highly sought after by customers who can afford to spend a little extra.

Semi-frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fence, on the other hand, provides an exceptional view of the pool area with a more sound structure in place. It comes as an extremely good option to provide an uninterrupted view of the pool area along with a sturdier construction than frameless glass fences. With heavy duty aluminium posts inserted between clear, toughened safety glass, you couldn’t ask for a safer, stronger and more affordable glass fencing option. If you are on a budget, there cannot be a better choice than going with semi-frameless pool fencing.

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