Is Glass Pool Fencing Safe
Author:SN Fencing, Date: October 15, 2017

At first glance glass pool fencing looks very breakable. After all, that’s a lot of glass. Sure, it looks awesome, but to those uneducated in the durability and quality of glass fencing, all that exposed glass panelling just looks like a serious accident waiting to happen.

The truth is, nothing could be further from the truth. If glass fencing and balustrades were dangerous, they wouldn’t pass Australian safety standards and they would be banned. No question about it.

Let’s examine glass pool fencing and glass balustrades a little closer to determine why it’s a very safe choice.

The Definition of Toughened Glass

Reputable pool fencing suppliers are required by law to play by the rules, only supplying pool fencing materials that are in accordance with safety regulations. Glass panels must be manufactured a certain way to meet these requirements.

Glass panels for fencing and balustrades are made from thick toughened glass. This tempered glass is manufactured utilising controlled chemical and thermal treatments to produce a glass that is virtually shatterproof. In addition, if a panel of toughened glass does happen to break, it doesn’t shatter into dangerous, sharp shards. Instead, it breaks into small, harmless cubes much like a broken shower screen or car windshield.

The glass fencing or glass balustrade is first a safety barrier, with appearances coming in second. If glass panels were not safe, then the safety barrier would be failing in its primary duty – Keeping people safe and out of harm’s way.

Glass Is the Ultimate Pool Fencing Material

Here’s another factor that makes glass pool fencing and balustrades one of the safest choices there is. The surface of the glass panels is ultra smooth. This makes it impossible for small children (or even the family dog) to climb. There are no hand holds or foot holds, nothing at all to grip onto.

Whether it’s a semi frameless or frameless fence, the panels of glass are set close together. There is no way a child of any age would be able to squeeze through any gaps in the fencing.

Glass – The Obvious Choice

Glass for pool fencing and balcony balustrades is really the obvious choice. It looks a million dollars, is tough, durable and perfectly safe for everyone.

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