How to keep your pool area safe
Author:SN Fencing, Date: January 15, 2017

Swimming pools can be a great asset to the family home.  Not only do they generally increase the value of the property but it also promotes fun and fitness in your very own backyard!

SN Fencing, Melbourne are in the business of installing high quality frameless glass and semi frameless glass pool fencing to keep children safe from drowning.

Here, SN Fencing offer some tips on how you can keep your pool area safe at all times.

  • Regularly check your pool fence and gates – Ensure they are in good condition and the locks lock securely when the gate is closed. Gate latches should be self-closing.
  • Keep the gates closed – Always close your gates. When the pool area is not in use, lock the gate. Never prop the gates open.
  • Remove any objects children can get a foot hold on – Be sure to have pool furniture or any other object that a child could use to climb over the fence a good distance away from the pool fence.
  • Trim plants, shrubs and trees – Ensure any shrubs or trees growing near the fence don’t allow children to climb up over the pool fence.
  • Securely store pool chemicals – Keep chemicals well out of reach of small children and store them in a cool, dry place.
  • Supervise – Always have an adult to supervise children whilst in the
  • Teach your children to swim – Reduce the risk of drownings by teaching children to swim from an early age.
  • Have a CPR certificate – Complete a CPR training course so you can perform CPR if necessary.
  • Install CPR signs – Your pool area should have a CPR sign installed so anyone can provide life saving assistance in the event of an emergency.

SN Fencing’s frameless glass and semi frameless glass pool fencing fulfil all the safety requirements of pool fencing legislation, without interrupting your view.

Our fully trained and professional pool fencing installers have been installing compliant pool fencing for 10 years and we service Melbourne out to Albury-Wodonga and Geelong.

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We will help you keep your pool area not only compliant but safe!