Replace Your Old Aluminium Pool Fencing With New Glass Fencing
Author:SN Fencing, Date: November 5, 2017

In days gone by the majority of pool fencing was the aluminium variety. It’s still very popular today due to its more budget pricing and ease of maintenance.

If you have old pool fencing that has seen better days and really needs replacing to bring it back up to standard, then consider glass pool fencing as an option. Alternatively, perhaps you’ve just purchased a new home that has an existing pool and you want to replace the old aluminium fence simply because you don’t like the look of it, then glass pool fencing can really transform your swimming pool area.

What’s So Special About Glass Fencing?

All swimming pools in Australian homes need to be fenced for safety reasons, but that doesn’t mean the fence has to look ugly or look like a jail cell. Swimming pools and surrounding areas are beautiful scenes. You want to be able to see into the pool area and, likewise, when in the pool you want to be able to see out. This is especially the case if you have great views around your home.

Whether you go with the more cost-effective semi frameless glass fencing or the stunning frameless glass, either way you get unimpeded views from inside and outside your swimming pool.

Glass fencing never looks dated. It’s clean, stylish, elegant and timeless. It really adds a touch of class and quality to any yard and pool deck.

Why spend tens of thousands of dollars on a gorgeous pool, only to hide it behind ugly fencing?

It just doesn’t make sense. What does make sense is installing glass pool fencing.

Glass Fencing Is Safe

The glass panels are made from toughened glass that meet all the requirements of safety standards in Australia. The glass is extremely tough and very hard to break. There is no risk of injury with a glass fence, and they are sturdy enough to withstand everything life and the elements can throw at them.


When replacing that old aluminium pool fencing, seriously consider semi frameless or frameless glass pool fencing. It really is the right choice for a stunning looking swimming pool that’s safe and secure.

For pool fencing Melbourne, get in touch with the experts at SN Fencing. Customer satisfaction and quality products and service are at the top of our agenda. We can supply and install your glass pool fencing for you, transforming that tired old aluminium fence into one that looks truly amazing.

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